Playing around Romandie since 2013, Avo has a panel of tracks mixing the subtlety of a sheep and the energy of an army of wildebeest.

Their songs are the fruit of a close collaboration between all members, who mix their varied musical influences to create an original and mixed rock cocktail. Sometimes fiery and torrential, sometimes intimate and sweet, the music of the quintet leaves no one unmoved by its ardent rhythms and
bewitching melodies.

In addition to its singular music, the other ingredient of Avo is the ease and creativity of its
members. This quality allows the group not to put barriers in the making of clips and album covers, as barred they are.

The mood is always in the comradeship, and whether in the studio or on stage, Avo always
manages to take his audience into his universe. And as topping in the cake, the band’s first album “Serenade For The Lobsters” will be released in October 2019.



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Apr. 6, 2019Post Tenebras RockGeneva, Switzerland
Mar. 2, 2019The RockiesLausanne, Switzerland
Apr. 4, 2018Le Rez - UsineGeneva, Switzerland
Jan. 8, 2017Inside BarYoshkar-Ola, Russia
Jan. 7, 2017Castel Rock ClubKotlas, Russia
Jan. 6, 2017Mayakovsky ClubSyktyvkar, Russia
Jan. 5, 2017Hard Machine ClubGlazov, Russia
Jan. 4, 2017SK BarCheboksary, Russia
Jan. 3, 2017Records Music ClubUlyanovsk, Russia
Jan. 2, 2017Hard Rock PubTogliatti, Russia
Jan. 1, 2017Harat's PubSamara, Russia
Dec. 31, 2016Molotov ClubTambov, Russia
Dec. 30, 2016Rock House ClubMoscow, Russia
Sep. 22, 2016Bouffon de la TaverneGeneva, Switzerland
May 15, 2015Les Temps D'ArtGeneva, Switzerland
Jan. 10, 2015Britannia PubGeneva, Switzerland
Dec. 20, 2014Urgence Disk RecordsGeneva, Switzerland
Oct. 17, 2014Les Temps D'ArtGeneva, Switzerland
Oct. 2, 2014La Taverne de la RépubliqueGeneva, Switzerland
Sep. 28, 2014Vogue de VeyrierGeneva, Switzerland
Sep. 9, 2014La MakhnoGeneva, Switzerland
Sep. 5, 2014Zona MutanteGeneva, Switzerland
Jun. 21, 2014Fête de la MusiqueNyon, Switzerland
Jun. 14, 2014BarakasonGeneva, Switzerland
Dec. 6, 2013UndertownGeneva, Switzerland