The Red Cliff


The Red Cliff is a pop-rock-electro band from Lausanne set up under the banner of energy and freshness.

It’s in 2012 that the first flanges of the project emerge, when two friends promise each other to
create one day THE band they have always wanted to see in concert.

The project starts in 2016 and in collaboration with a new singer, the trio composes 4 titles in only
2 months. Those demos will quickly be broadcasted on music platforms and the trio decides to find the right musicians in order to concretize the project on stage.

The Red Cliff is composed of Nuria (vocal), Julien (guitar), Loïc (keyboards), Florent (bass) and
Vincent (drums).

The band’s music is influenced by UK and US artists such as Kings of Leon, The Wombats, Foster The People and Blur and their repertoire is rich and varied, having as only pretension to stimulate and make the public danse! Their first EP will be recorded in London in February 2018 and released in the course of the same year.

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