Science of Disorder


Science of Disorder (ex-Soulless) is a metal band from Lausanne formed in 1989 during the golden age of Trash/Death Metal bands.

SoD has released 2 EPs and 2 albums under the name Soulless (« Lost Hopes », « Life Exctinction », « New Era » and « In The Maze of Darkness »).

In 2010, the band releases its first album «Heart, Blood & Tears» under the name Science of Disorder.

Recorded in the US by Orlando Villesanor, the mastering is done in Denmark by Tue Madsen and the drums recorded by Kevin Talley (Daath, Chimaira, Dying Fetus, Six Feet Under, Misery Index).

Since 2017, SoD is composed of Jérôme T. (singer), Lord Pelthor (guitar), Steph Grand (guitar),
Baptiste Meier (drums) and Thierry Pinard (session bass).

The 3 tracks demo was recorded by Raf Bovey (Kruger) and mixed by Drop (MXD, Samael) at the Downtone Studio in Geneva.

Science of Disorder has shared the stage with many great acts such as Contorsion, Rotten Sound, Gorgoroth, Marduk, Pro Pain, Times of Grace, In Quest, Origin, Dying Fetus, played as first part for Samael, Dagoba, Textures, MEGADETH and shared a 5 days Tour with ENTOMBED.

SoD has announced the release of a new album for March 2018, which will be followed by several Swiss and European dates.

SoD booking

*Booking for Science of Disorder is made in collaboration with Vincent Simoni from The Best of Underground (TBoU)

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