Misty Bliss


Misty Bliss is a Swiss rock band formed in 2017.

The band’s music is a wave of melodies made to move all calm souls and all those who want to stimulate their senses through music. A sort of time machine that goes from blues to psychedelic, from garage to alternative rock.

Distorted riffs, powerful voices and daring energy on stage, is what characterises Misty Bliss. The band doesn’t waste time with trivia and gets straight to the point. Each of its member has her own story and shares different musical influences, which allows them to mix approches and emotions.

Released in July 2018, Misty Bliss’s debut EP “MB” received positive reviews from around the world, allowing the band to
perform in a few venues in Geneva, Lausanne and neighbouring France.

In December 2018 the band starts composing songs for a first album, with an expected release date in 2020. The 7 songs will be recorded in September 2019 at Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago with legendary producer Steve Albini (PJ Harvey, Nirvana, Pixies), who will also be in charge of the production and mixing of the album.

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Daily Rock (CH)
Garage Rock (IT)
Rockers and Other Animals (IT)
Rockportaal (NL)