Am Samstag


Am Samstag is a Swiss alternative rock band formed on July 2018 by Gabriela « Seitan Bell » Varela in Lausanne.

Following her experiences as a singer metal and death metal bands (Minkus, Science of Disorder, No Pearls To Swines), Bell
decides to compose songs for fun. 10 songs later, Am Samstag sees the light.

Being a huge Nirvana and punk bands fan since her teenage years, the Seattle act became Bell’s main influence for the band, along with The Melvins, Hole, Babes In Toyland, The Dead Kennedys and Crass. The band’s music is a mix of grunge, rock, punk and pop.

Willing to play together after their collaboration in Science of Disorder, Bell is accompanied in studio and on stage by Stephane « Blackie » Grand (MXD/Science of Disorder) and Baptiste « Bapt » Maier (Promethee/Science of Disorder).

Am Samstag’s first four songs EP will be recorded this autumn and it’s first single will be released in December 2018, a few weeks prior to the band’s first live shows.

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